PLR (Public Lending Right) in Finland is administered by three collecting societies: Sanasto (written works – authors, translators), Kopiosto (visual works – illustrators, photographers) and Teosto (musical works, sheet music included – composers).

The legislative base of the Finnish PLR system is section 19 of the Finnish Copyright Act, revised in 2007. The approval to administer PLR is granted to the organisations by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture which also supervises PLR payments. The three organisations work in close co-operation in order to assure that the various groups of right holders are equally treated. Organisations also are responsible to mutually agree upon the redistribution of the government granted funds.

PLR funding is provided by the Finnish government and payments are made to right holders by reference to the number of occasions on which their works are lent out from a selected sample of loans made in public libraries. Remuneration may be claimed only for lending that has occurred within the last three years.

The current annual level of PLR funding in Finland is a lump sum of 8,4 million euros (year 2015). The sum covers nearly 95 million annual loans from public libraries. PLR organisations are actively lobbying the Finnish legislators to raise the level of the PLR grant. In 2015 the Rate Per Loan received by the right holder was approximately 16 cents.

The Finnish PLR scheme covers only lending from public libraries. The PLR administrating organisations are working actively for the inclusion of educational and research libraries into the PLR scheme.