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Are you an author? Become Sanasto’s client!

  • Sanasto represents thousands of Finnish authors and translators. Becoming Sanasto’s client is free of charge.
  • As our client you will automatically be paid the remunerations you are entitled to.
  • Sanasto manages for example the remunerations paid for Finnish public library lending and for the use of literary works on Finnish radio and television.
  • Sanasto aims at influencing the public debate on copyright as well as related legislation in a manner that is advantageous to authors.
  • We also offer our clients legal counseling on copyright matters.


How to become Sanasto’s client

Join with Finnish bank identifiers

If you do not have Finnish bank identifiers please contact us and we will send you Sanasto’s client contract directly.

    Copyright remuneration

    As an extended collective licensing organisation approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture and through client contracts, Sanasto administers copyright remunerations in the following areas:

    • Lending of works from public or university libraries.
    • Use of literature on radio and television programmes and in archives.
    • Accessibility Library Celia’s audiobooks.
    • Public performance of literature and use in publications and exhibitions.
    • Use of literature in libraries, archives and museums.


    PLR (Public Lending Right) in Finland is administered by three collecting societies: Sanasto (written works – authors, translators), Kopiosto (visual works – illustrators, photographers) and Teosto (musical works, sheet music included – composers).

    The legislative base of the Finnish PLR system is section 19 of the Finnish Copyright Act, revised in 2016. The approval to administer PLR is granted to the organisations by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture which also supervises PLR payments. The three organisations work in close co-operation in order to assure that the various groups of right holders are equally treated. Organisations also are responsible to mutually agree upon the redistribution of the government granted funds.

    PLR funding is provided by the Finnish government and payments are made to right holders by reference to the number of occasions on which their works are lent out. Sanasto receives statistics regarding the loans from both public libraries as well as educational and research libraries. Remuneration may be claimed only for lending that has occurred within the last three years.